Arrowhead sinkhole
& Petroglyphs

    This sinkhole is north of Flagstaff, AZ. It requires high clearance and 4X4 to get to, unless you feel like walking a couple of miles. From Highway 89 at Antelope Hills you will head East. The turn is located at 35° 32.371'  & 111° 32.365'. You will need to follow the fence on your left. It is the boundary for Wupatki Nat'l Monument. It is about 3 miles to the parking area. You will need to take the left fork at 35° 32.366' & 111° 30.083', all other forks on the way in, just take the best looking one since the road splits and then comes back together.

When you get to the parking area you need to walk towards the boundary fence (to the north) until you see a faint path going uphill to the East. Head East for about 300 feet and you will be standing at the lip of Arrowhead Sink. Look close and you should see a small ruin at the bottom. The 2 pictures shown here are looking to the north.

Arrowhead sink, sinkhole

Arrowhead sink, sinkhole

    When you are back at the parking area you will see a wall of boulders. Look closely and you will find there are some old and faded petroglyphs making this an area worth the visit, since you get to see a nice sized sinkhole with a ruin in it and some old glyphs.


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