Little Known Attractions

(worth visiting)


The intent of this guide is to offer places to visit that are for the most part Free of entrance fees. There are just a couple on the list that do have a fee associated with them, but they are there because people have asked about them in particular. Many of these are out in the middle of Nowhere, where you can find that relaxing solitude to help ease the frustrations of daily living. We have enjoyed visiting all of these places and think you will enjoy them as well.

If you notice, the descriptions that follow each of the links are either Red or Green. This is used to designate the type of vehicle that is recommended for visiting the location described.

Red is for High-clearance, 4 wheel drive or both (see description).

Green is used to denote the fact that any vehicle can be used to visit the location.


  1. scenic overlook Page, AZ 
Scenic Overlook
River overlook just downstream from
the dam.

2. bigfoot footprint

Is it really Bigfoot's footprint?

  3. Kelly Grade  
Kelly Grade 
An underground coal fire that has
been burning for over 30 years.

  4. pillars 
An unusual set of formations.

  5. demon faced arch
Demon Face Arch

An unusual looking arch that appears
to be a demon frozen in stone.

  6. xiphactinus, fossil
The bones of a big ugly prehistoric fish.

  7cottonwood canyon, oysters
 Cottonwood Canyon Road 
Fossilized oyster shells and possible fossilized pearls.

  8. balanced rock, hoo doos
 Hoo Doos 
A large balance rock with many
smaller ones nearby.

  9. morning arch
 Morning Arch 
One of the many arches in this area.

10. buckskin wash upstream
Buckskin Wash Upstream
Pictographs and small masonry.

11. old cabin
 Old cabin 
And old cabin at the base of the Cockscomb cliffs.

12. choke stones
Choke Stones 
A short canyon hike to a small cave
created by choke stones.

13. buckskin overlook
Buckskin Overlook 
A Place to enjoy some solitude.

14. kitchen ruins
 Kitchen Ruins 
Climb a small hill and enter what's
left of an old cave dwelling.

15. kanab cairn
Kanab Cairn
The oldest survey marker in Coconino County.

16. snake gulch
Snake Gulch
For peace & quiet, solitude, and
beautiful scenery, this is the place.

17. gunsight point
 Gunsight Point
A Little visited area with stunning beauty. 

18. lonely graves
Lonely Graves 
Two graves out in the middle of nowhere.

19. wood collecting area, petrified wood
 Petrified Wood Collecting Area 
An area open to the public for collecting petrified wood.

20. balanced rocks Lee's Ferry
Balanced Rocks At Lee's Ferry
A pair of very large balanced rocks. (Fee required)

21. pass
Pass at the Big Cut 
A short hike and climb with fantastic views.

22. blue pools arch
 Blue Pools Arch
If you park at the highway a car will work.


Disclaimer: This collection of places to visit is currently incomplete. You will be visiting these areas by yourself and we will not be there to offer assistance and therefore cannot be responsible for your safety. Use this information at your own discretion.



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