Balanced Rocks Along Highway 89

    This is one of those places that people drive past and seldom notice. We drove past them for years and didn't see them until 1 day the light made them stand out from the background. We noticed the tall slender one on the steep slope first. After taking some pictures and checking them (on the camera) we saw that there were quite a few balanced rocks on that slope and decided that others may enjoy a quick stop and maybe get their own pictures. It is public land if you wish to hike closer and get pictures from a different angle. The spot where we stop and got these pictures is located at coordinates N37° 06.353' & W 111° 53.665'.

balanced rocks highway 89
How many of the balanced rocks do you see?

 balanced rocks
Close up of the first one that we saw.

balanced rocks
Notice the 2 in front of the main rock.

balanced rocks
Another one from that area.

balanced rocks
A toadstool.

balanced rocks
We count 4 in this picture.

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