Balanced Rocks

(at Lee's Ferry)



N 36° 50.389' & W111° 37.971'

These 2 balanced rocks are very easy to get to. From Page, AZ you head south on Highway 89 to Bitter Spring. Just as you near Bitter Springs Highway 89 A goes to the north. The highway is well marked. Go to Marble Canyon and cross the bridge. About 1/4 mile past the bridge is a turn to the right that will take you back to Lee's Ferry. It is a camping and fishing recreation area. Check your odometer as you turn and then go 2 miles to a small parking spot with the balanced rocks on the left.

This is a Fee area, but if you have a recent (within the last 7 days) receipt from one of the National Parks you can get in free.


balanced rock, Lee's Ferry


balanced rock, Lee's Ferry

balanced rock, Lee's Ferry

An old picture that gives a reference to the size of the balanced rock.


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