Bigfoot Footprint

N 37° 00.595' W 111° 36.234'


A high-clearance vehicle is needed for this one and it is best to go in either the cool of the morning or later in the afternoon (during the summer months). It is about 3/10 mile walk one way over uneven ground. Not too difficult if you watch where you're going. Watch the little ones!!! CAUTION Sheer drop offs on both sides!

Watch your kids. There are some great views with no fences or guardrails to protect you. You will be out in the boonies on your own. YOU will be responsible for your own safety.

Bigfoot was here and left his footprint in the mud that has turned into limestone. There is a Geocache nearby, please do not disturb it, it is part of an Internet treasure hunt game.

To get to the Bigfoot head towards Greenehaven. At coordinates N36° 59.039' W111° 33.125' turn west, off the highway and follow the old road to the power line road (about1/2 mile). Turn west on this dirt road and follow it all the way back to the High-tension power lines. Turn right at the power lines and head north. Head for coordinates N37° 00.427' W111° 36.490' (the parking spot).

Once you have enjoyed the Bigfoot footprint and if you still feel ambitious, about another 1/2 mile east will get you to the top of Skylight Arch. A great view looking down through the arch.

Don't forget the sunscreen, water, camera, hats, film or spare SD card, batteries, and the GPSr of course.



bigfoot footprint

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