Sinkhole north of Bitter Springs





    Here is an interesting site. It is a natural formation caused by the collapse of an underground chamber (cavern room). Just be sure to keep the kids and pets on their leash so you don't lose them.

    With all the roads on the Navajo Reservation that are not on the maps it can be difficult to find your way around out there but this sinkhole is fairly easy to find. This sinkhole is shown on the topo map and named "Crater Hole".
    Head south from Page AZ. to the turn for the North rim of the Grand Canyon. Turn right as if you're going to Lee's Ferry. Check your odometer and go just over .7 mile to a turn to the left (coordinates N 36° 38.704 & W 111° 39.110). Take the best looking "road" and follow it as it goes to the right of a couple of houses. At the fork go left then go on the right side of another building. When you see a large dirt pile (It looks like tailings from a pit.) go on the left side of it. Stay with the main road until you get to a real rough stretch of the road. Just past this section the terrain flattens out and the road curves slightly to the right and you should see a "large" hole on the right side. The GPS co-ords are 36˚
40.568 min. and 111˚
41.045 min.
    Watch your step as you get close to the edge ! That first step over the side is a doozie ! Walk around the rim and watch for fossils. At the back of the sinkhole you can see where the water runs and it is in this area that the better fossils are seen.
    After you've enjoyed the sinkhole, drive on past and about 1 1/2 to 2 miles further you can get right up to the edge of the river canyon. What a view !
    I hope you paid attention how you got there so you can make it back to civilization.

    Other sinkholes to be added later.


sinkhole, Bittersprings, Arizona



sinkhole, Bittersprings, Arizona

sinkhole, Bittersprings, Arizona

Notice the person near the edge & the pickup.

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