Buckskin Overlook

N 37° 05.359' W 112° 01.661'

When heading to Kanab, UT on Highway 89 turn left (south) at mile mark 35 1/2. There is a power substation on the south side of the highway. Take this road and go past the substation for about 4.3 miles. If you see a large round metal water tank on the left, then you have gone too far. Turn right on the this road for about 1 1/2 miles, staying with the main road.

A high-clearance vehicle will get you there, but a 4X4 will smooth out the ride and make the return trip a bit easier coming back up the hill from the parking area.

We have seen deer, hawks, falcons, eagles (both Bald & Golden), and other wildlife in the area. There are some minerals and fossils here also. You may even spot an arrowhead or two. Since this is a National Monument, collecting is no longer allowed.

Enjoy the peace, quiet & solitude of the area.

Buckskin overlook, Utah



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