Buckskin Wash Upstream

N 37° 04.377' W 112° 00.235'

This is an easy site to get to and not very far from the parking area. To get to the pictographs head north out of Page, AZ to the passing lane and road cut at the cockscomb. Just after going through the cut at the top of the passing lane there is a guardrail on the left side of the road. At the end of the guardrail is a turnoff that heads back south. This is Houserock Valley Road. Head south for approximately 4 miles until you come to a cattle guard. Immediately after the cattle guard turn right (west) and go about 100 yards and park.

Enter the dry wash and head upstream for about 1/10 of a mile. Carefully watch the walls on the right. There is a small alcove just above the figures. They will be hard to spot at first. If you see what appears to be masonry work, then you have gone to far. The masonry appears to have been a water catchment or possibly for storage.

There are agate flake scattered all around the area indicating that they made some arrowheads while in this area. While walking in the drywash keep your eyes open for fossils and little pockets of calcite crystals. There is also the possibility of finding a piece of petrified wood or maybe some jasper.

If you're willing to walk further upstream there is a boulder larger than many cars. It is filled with marine fossils. The boulder is on the left side as you head upstream. It is about 1 mile from where you parked.

This is a nice quiet hike as most people head downstream from the Buckskin Trailhead.


Buckskin wash upstream, pictograph

Painted Pictograph.

Buckskin wash upstream

Masonry work.


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