Waterfalls west of Cedar Ridge

    This site is recommended for high-clearance vehicles only. If you have kids or pets along, KEEP a close eye on them!

    From highway 89 at Cedar Ridge, AZ turn west on Indian Route 6110. The coordinates for the turn-off are 
36˚ 23.527' N & 111˚ 31.518' W. This is just north of mile post 505. At this turn-off there are some remains of a building (just some concrete slabs). All distances are measured from the cattle guard where the pavement ends.

    Take this dirt road for 16.8 miles. You will go past Shinumo Alter (A huge mesa that will be on the right.). You will come to a "Y" in the road at this point (
36˚ 27.342' N & 111˚ 47.115' W). Go to the left on the "trail" and follow it for 3.8miles to another "Y" (36˚ 29.671' N & 111˚
49.651' W). Head left which will take you right to the edge. There are some concrete slabs here one of which has a "Salt River Project" benchmark stamped "REDWALL". From This vantage point you can look upstream and across the river to the waterfall.

    Don't forget to bring your camera and Binoculars.

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