Demon Face Arch



N 37° 00.739' & W 111° 48.996'

From Page head towards Kanab, UT to mile mark 17 3/4. Turn left (West) and go approximately 5.6 miles to a side road. There is a very large tire where you need to turn. You will be heading westerly. Go straight on this road for about 3/4 mile where the road will have a reverse "Y". Go left. After about 1/3 mile you will see a drive that goes down into a dry wash and comes out on the far side of it. Take that road for about 2 miles and look for a place to pull off the road and park. Follow your GPSr to the coordinates. Look up to the left end of that ridge and you should see the arch. You may need to be close to the slick rock to see the opening in the arch.

4X4 only due to stretches of soft sand.



demon face arch

The approach to the arch.


demon face arch

A petrified Skull?

demon face arch

Or just a demon trapped in stone?



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