Favorite Pictures 6

    Here are a few more pictures that we really enjoy looking at. The first couple were taken on Sunday morning when we went to the drive-up at Jack in the Box. We spotted this little guy just across the drive from the drive-up window. When Shirley put her window down the little fellow climbed the tree and sat on the branches just looking at her. He put on a fine show and posed very well for her to get these shots.

ground squirrel

ground squirrel

  These next 2 pictures were taken near Payson, AZ. We were Terracaching, doing some "locationless" type caches and finding this Totem was 1 of the objects we needed to locate and get pictures to post on the cache page.



ground squirrel
On the Kaibab Plateau.

ground squirrel
I guess he didn't like having his picture taken.


moon & cliffs

Moon & plane
This is my favorite of all the pictures Shirley would let me post!

chip & dale
Can we play now?

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