Highway Construction 101

37° 07.658' & 111° 57.842'

When constructing a road, it is sometimes required to use some form of fill before making the road base. This is one of those times when it was smart to recycle something, rather than let them rust away in some empty field or on some desert range land. We had seen these some time back, but didn't think this spot would be of interest. After talking to some friends we learned there are quite a few people who would enjoy seeing how a major road between Page, AZ & Kanab, UT had been stablized using these old flattened vehicles.

When heading to Kanab on Hwy 89, about half way up the passing lane at the cockscomb there is a drive to the left (south). This is where we parked (at the west edge of the parking area). Parking coordinates 37° 07.574' & 111° 57.985' Head west down into the dry wash and head back to the east staying in the dry wash. When you see the culvert sticking out from under the road you are very close to the flattened vehicles. It is a fairly easy hike (walk) to the cars, it only took me about 10 or 12 minutes to walk to where I took these pictures (and I'm old and slow!).


screen shot of GPS track
This is a screeshot of the GPS track

You are getting close.

first view
First view



Notice the guardrail at the top of the picture.


The dry wash continues.


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