His and Hers Sinkholes

We named these sinkholes His and Hers becaused we hid an unusal Geocache at this location. It was a 2 part cache with 1 ending intended for the ladies and the other ending for the gentlemen. It was not mandatory that the finders be either male or female to find His or Hers. The idea was that men tend to be more adventurous, so they would most likely be more willing to climb down into the 'His' sinkhole to log that cache. The ladies being less adventurous would prefer the shallow gentler sinkhole 'Hers'.

The geologic ages of the 2 sinkholes are quite different. 'Hers' is the much older sinkhole as noted by the amount of fill in the sink itself and the roundedness of the bottom of the bowl, while the 'His' is very deep and ragged with little smoothing to the sides of the sink, this indicating that the sinkhole has not had the required amount of time for nature to smooth things over.

To reach this pair of sinkholes you will need to travel along Houserock Valley Road to the Winter Road (also known as the Honeymoon Trail). Avoid going when the road is wet and muddy or if there is a storm moving in. You will need a high clearance vehicle for parts of the winter road and having a 4X4 will help smooth out the ride. We recommend that you plan on coming from the south end of Houserock Valley Road as coming from the north end can be quite the ride even when in 4-wheel drive. Once you get to the Winter Road, head west and go up to the higher elevation. There will be a small drive to the north that will take you right to the edge of the 'His' sinkhole (not more than 50 yards from the main road). Park here and walk to the left of the 'His' sinkhole and watch to the left of where you are walking and you will be looking at the 'Hers' sinkhole. It is only about 15 to 20 feet deep.

The coordinates for where we parked are N 36° 56.319' & W 112° 4.506'

The following pictures will be for His first followed by Hers.

His sinkhole with a person
Notice our friend on the left edge.

His sinkhole and truck
Notice our full size pick-up.

His sinkhole center
Center of the sinkhole view.

His sinkhole right side view
Right side view.

His wide view
Wide view looking towards 'Hers' just past the far rim.

Hers left view
'Hers' left side view.

Hers right side view
'Hers' right side view.

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