With sadness in our hearts  

We regret to inform you that
John Bloomfield
passed away on January 15, 2019.

He left this message for all those he knew...

I died on 01/15/2019 after a good long fruitful life. I was married to the same woman for close to 50 years and we shared many things that we did together. We traveled to most of the lower 48 states. We rockhounded in several different states and collected some fine mineral samples. During our life together we took close to 100,000 pictures, many of which are on our website – rockhounders1.com. Among other things that I enjoyed was shooting large caliber handguns like the 44 mag and the 454 casull. Smaller calibers were fun also, but I preferred the big stuff. We enjoyed bird watching and have several feeders at home. We have quite a variety of birds that return every year as they migrate through. Check out our website for pictures of them. I am survived by my wife, Shirley, my daughter Anna, her husband Mike and their two kids, Ryan and Kara.