Kanab South Cairn



N 36° 54.120' W 112° 31.848'

This is the oldest surviving survey mark in Coconino County. It was set by John Wesley Powell (as in Lake Powell) when he was here in 1871.

We don't have very good directions for this one, since we didn't plan on letting others know where it was. If you head south from Fredonia on the old Ryan Road (FR 22) (maybe that's FS22) until your GPSr tells you that the mark is due west then look for a side road going that way. We took it as far as a fence and walked the rest of the way. We didn't see a gate in the fence. It is about 1 mile from this point to the cairn. You will need to cross 2 fences in the process (either over them or under them). Don't forget the water, camera and batteries.

Any high-clearance vehicle can make it.

Here a link to the Geocaching benchmark page that describes this benchmark. Click here.


Survey marker, 8 foot rock cairn

Over 135 years old!

8 foot rock cairn with GPSr

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