King Mine

N 37° 11.108' & W 112° 5.724'

    This is an easy mine to find, just go mile marker 37 on highway 89 between Kanab, Utah and Page, AZ. Turn north on a dirt road and go 3.4 miles to a sharp "s" turn to the left then right . There is a small drive to the right go 1/4 mile or as far as your vehicle will allow. Be forewarned that past the 1/4 mile there is not much opportunity for turning around.
    Follow the drive on foot from here for several hundred yards. The drive will take you right to the underground workings. When you stand at the opening you will see broken rock with some large pieces of wood showing through. The wood is what they used to brace the entrance to the mine-- It work real well huh? There is NO way I would enter this mine !!! There is plenty to see on the outside, like petrified wood, jasper (multi-colored), Pyrolucite, psilomelane, a marker stone, an old foundation, The claim marker with the original papers in a Prince Albert can, dendrites, even some turquoise. Even an arrowhead if you are lucky.
    From the parking area as you are looking back the drive to the mine there is a small dry wash on the right. Cross this dry wash and there is a stone marker, from there head to the gray hills that were on the right as you drove in. Here you will find some petrified wood and some very colorful jasper. There are some nodules that have pockets lined with delicate calcite crystals, though most of these have been picked over.
I think that the jasper is really coprolite (dino dung) though most geologist will probably disagree with me. When you find large unbroken pieces of this jasper it bears a striking resemblance to a cow patty. There were more herbivores than meat eaters so you would expect most coprolite to be similar to a cow patty.
The collecting status of this area is in doubt now that it's been declared a nat'l monument, but it is still a fun area to visit. There is also a loading chute a little further along the dirt road you came in on. It will be on the right side of the road. Several miles further along this road there is a cave about 50 -- 60 feet up the side of a cliff. This is an old ruin and there are flakes and pottery shards scattered about the area. You just have to watch on the right as you drive along.


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