Kitchen Ruins

N 37° 14.838’ W 112° 07.637’

We don’t know the official name for these ruins, but Kitchen Ruins is what we have always called them. The treasure hunters have done their damage to these ruins, but they are still nice to visit and appreciate the remains that still stand.

For getting to these ruins, turn off Highway 89 at mile mark 36.8 and go north. This is a well maintained road so just about any vehicle will be able to get to the ruins. After turning off the highway go approximately 9 miles and you will be just below the ruins. Find a wide spot in the road and pull over to the side.

You will need to start watching about 6/10 of a mile before you get to the ruins. There are a few very large boulders on the right side of the road and one of them appears to have some “Cowboy” glyphs on it. “Cowboy” glyphs are rock art done by the early settlers and not by the Anasazi Indians.

About ¼ mile before you get to the ruins, watch high on the right wall and you will see at least 2 alcoves. The first one is where the ruin is located. The second one is actually an arch and when you get in the right position you will see the hole in the base of the arch.

The coordinates are for directly below the ruins and in the road.


Some of the stone wall.


View of the road below the ruins.


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