Morning Arch

N 37° 08.075’ W 111° 56.964’

We have heard this arch called Morning Arch for many years. We were told it is named this due to the fact that it is easiest to spot in the morning when the sun shines through it. This is an easy spot to get to and any vehicle will make it.

At mile mark 24.1 there is a drive going to the right (east). This drive is at the start of the guardrail and passing lane. Go through the gate and leave it as you found it. In other words, if it was open then leave it open, if it was closed then close it behind you. Go about 1/4 mile and park by the edge of the drive. Look at the alcoves to the south and see if you can spot what looks like an arch. It is about 1/4 mile from where you park. Hike along the dry wash to get to the arch.

There is a Geocache hidden in the area, so please do not disturb it. It is part of an Internet treasure hunt game.

There is also a small cave directly below the arch. It is NOT safe to enter! The lentil stone over the entrance broke a few years ago and there is no telling how much longer it will hold the entrance open.

There are a couple of other arches nearby, but they are hard to spot, since they hug the walls rather tightly. We counted at least 3 other arches here.








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