Old GPS Database

    Something different this time. If you feel up to the task, you can download the actual database here. Look it over, plot on a topo map or Google Earth, the ones that perk your interest, then go visit them. These are all coordinates from the first two GPSs we had, so the coordinates may not be as exact as the newest GPS that we have. The listings in the database cover a large area, from Tucson, AZ, to north of Milford, UT, to west of Las Vegas, NV, to the 4 corners region of NE Arizona. Pick a vacation spot and have fun.
    The database is a "Microsoft Works Database".

This is a sample photo of what is in the database.
The 4 fields can be sorted by clicking on the "record" button, "sort record".
This database has the quirk of opening to the next available blank field.
If you see a blank database, just scroll to the top using the button on the right.

    Some of these coordinates are listed on other pages of our website. There is no guarantee that these are still open to the public. If they are posted "No Trespass", either don't enter or get permission from the owner. Enjoy studying the database for new things to go look for. Be safe and have fun!
    Please note, we have not been to all of these sites. Some of the coordinates were taken from maps that we had. We have been to about 90% of the places listed in the database. Most of the mines in the Lee's Ferry area we have not visited.


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