Paria Cemetery

N37° 14.588' & W111° 57.456'   (Now located on National Monument land... please check with the appropriate authorities before attempting to travel to this location.)

This cemetery is located just past where the old movie set was. The movie set was destroyed by an arsonist.
If you decide to visit this cemetery, we recommend high-clearance if the weather (and road) is dry. A 4X4 will help make the ride easier. If the road is wet, it would be a good idea to wait until things dry out because the road gets very nasty when it is wet.
The first picture show part of the road heading down to the cemetery.

road to paria cemetery
All the way down there!


the actual cemetery

paria cemetery

paria cemetery fence

paria cemetery
Some old dude looking for a place to rest?

paria cemetery

paria cemetery
The back side of the plaque monument.(notice the petrified wood and agate)

paria cemetery road going out
This is a shot of the road heading back out!


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