Pass at the Big Cut


N 36° 39.942' W 111° 37.868'

This is one of the places where we went looking for an old survey mark. It is a round aluminum disk stamped PASS 1983. To get there head south from Page on Highway 89 for about 20 miles. Just before you go through the "Big Cut" there is a pull off on the right side of the road. It is a "Brake Check Area". Park there. Look across the highway and you will see a Right of Way fence. Notice the fence ends near a tree. Cross the highway and go around the end of the fence. Head south for about 1/4 mile. If you spot the old road going at an angle to the right, follow it to the base of the butte. From there you will need to choose your way up. We went up to the left and then worked our way around to the back and then to the right and up to the top. The coordinates take you right to the disk.

The picture shows the butte you need to ascend. Go to the left end and work your way around to the back side and pick your way up to the top. We think those old surveyors were part mountain goat, considering some of the places they went to set their survey markers.

The views are fantastic from up there! Not recommended for young kids. There is a lot of slickrock that you will need to ascend. It is not very difficult, but you need to use extreme caution and be sure of your footing while going up and coming back down.


Pass benchmark

Up Where?


Slick rock

Pass Rm1


Pass benchmark




Where's the truck?



What are they selling down there?

survey mark

The benchmark "PASS"


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