Hidden Springs Petroglyphs


    These glyphs are now fenced off and permission is now needed to get close to them. You can still see quite afew of the glyphs by standing next to the fence and you should be able to get some good picture taken through or over the fence.It appears as though some people need to destroy that which they do not or cannot understand. Below is a picture of the warning sign requiring permission.

warning sign

    This is one of those places for folks who have a mobility problem. Even with the fence restricting how close you can get to the glyphs, there are still plenty that can be easily seen.
    To get to this site take Highway 89 south of Page, AZ to mile post 487. Go East for about 1 1/2 miles and watch to the east for the fence. Then look for tracks going towards the fence. With high clearance you drive right up to the fence and park.
    Some of the pictures below were taken before the fence was installed and show glyphs on the back side of the boulders.

glyph 1

glyph 3

  glyph 4

  glyph 5 

glyphs 6

  glyphs 7

  glyphs 8 

glyphs 9

  glyphs 10

  glyphs 11

  glyphs 12

  glyphs 13

  glyphs locale


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