N 37° 02.470’ W 111° 49.475’

We don’t know what these pillars are, but we are sure they are not petrified trees. They appear to have been formed by the filling in of some ocean bottom vents of some sort. They are composed of finely granulated sediment material. They are exposed in this arroyo along a stretch about ½ mile long and at about the same elevation.

To get to these pillars you will need to head towards Kanab, UT. At mile mark 17 ¾ you will see a sign for Cottonwood Canyon Road. Turn Left here and go 5.4 miles to a road on the right. Turn right and go about .2 miles to a “Y” in the road. Take the right fork and go another .2 mile and go right again. Go 1.1 mile to a drive on the left. Find a safe place to park where you will not get stuck.

If you have a 4X4, from the highway go 4.2 to a road on the right. Turn right and go past a large (industrial strength) tire and between some trees. Follow this road for .7 mile and go left. Go about 1/3 mile to a road on the right and take it down into the wash. Find a good spot to park and hike both directions in the wash. Enjoy these pillars.


rock pillars


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