Pioneer Cemetery

N36° 42.244' & W112° 0.029'

   We first saw this cemetery as a cross on our topo map. After a little internet search, we found out this cemetery's name is Parker Place Cemetery. There are 2 people buried here, Pete Nelson and Benjamin Scott.
The turn off from Highway 89A is at coordinates N36° 43.038' & W112° 0.040'. Be sure to close the gate. Head south to N36° 42.461' & W 112° 0.033'. Watch close for the gate and go east through the gate and follow the road south to the cemetery. The gate to enter the cemetery is on the west side (road side).
    This is an interesting side stop when you're headed for the Kaibab or going to watch the condors.

cemetery, bird
This bird followed us from the highway to the cemetery and back to the highway.


benjamin scott


empty plaque



The arrow points to the gate.

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