Pleasant Valley Lake

 N36° 30.557' & W112° 07.918'

    This is a great place to get away from the tourists and enjoy some peace and quiet (If you are a tourist, you can still visit if you don't disrupt the peace and quite!). If you visit this location, don't forget the picnic lunch and the camera. You will need to pay close attention or you will miss the turn-off from the highway (N36° 30.790' & W112° 08.258'). You will need to have a 4X4 with high-clearance! If you are new to 4-wheeling, you might want to have someone with the experience follow you (or lead you) on the way to the lake. I would not go there if it is wet or going to rain.
    When we first got there and parked, we saw a crane take off and fly into the trees. We didn't have time to get the camera ready and missed getting the picture. We did manage to get some great pictures otherwise, a toad, a bee and I think maybe a katydid. We didn't take any pictures of the fossils, but we did see some nice specimans, so keep your eyes open.

    Here is a link to our video of the road heading in to the lake.-- Going in to the lake.
    This is the link to the 2nd video on the way back to the highway. -- Heading back to the highway.

    You Tube is not broken -- there is no sound for either one.

pleasant valley lake turn
Turn here and head downhill.

pleasant valley lake
Where we parked.

pleasant valley lake

The toad was big you could cover it with a quarter.

The bee and katydid(?)

pleasant valley lake
See the road?
pleasant valley lake
Just some old photographer.

pleasant valley lake
See the road now?

pleasant valley lake

pleasant valley lake

pleasant valley lake



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