Rachel's Pool

    N36° 43.285' & W111° 54.269'

    We had always called this spot Rachel's Pool, but looking at our Topo map it is shown as Jacob's Pool. This was the home of 1 of John D Lees' wives - Rachel. John D Lee as in Lee's Ferry.

    It is easy to get to, but we reccomend having high clearance and 4-wheel drive. Avoid this place if it is wet or about to storm. You turn off highway 89A at N36° 41.649' & W111° 54.269' and head north. This road takes you right to the what's left of the old cabin. If you hike on back towards the cliffs (along this road you will come to the wilderness boundary at N36° 43.320' & W111° 54.151'.) you will see some dark purple clay layers. We didn't hike on back this time, but there are some rock walls that were built to help contain livestock (sheep, I believe, based on the size of the wall)). It is also rumered that you can find some petrified Dino Skin in these clay layers, but it is forbidden to take any if you do spot some. It is a wilderness area so collecting of any kind is forbidden!

    The scenery is magnificent and this is a good place to have a picnic lunch after exploring the area.

    We hope to get back here when the weather permits and we have more time to explore and get pictures.

jacobs pool
Arriving at Rachels Pool

Her house
The front of the house.

rachel's pool
Another view of the front of the house.

Jacob Pool
Notice my hand on the post.

jacob pool
That is a wide post!

rachels pool
The inside of the house.

rachel's pool
Looking west from inside the house.

rachel's pool
Looking at Shinumo Altar from the front door.

rachel's pool
Some old guy at the front door.

jacob's pool
Same old guy.

rachel's pool
The start of the clay layer behind the house.

rachel's pool
Long shot of where the clay layer starts.

jacob's pool
The road next to the truck leads to the wilderness area.

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