A Rappeling Cave

    To get to this site takes high clearance and if you have a 4 X 4 it will smooth out the ride some. The topo map shows it as a cave, but it could be called a sinkhole, since the opening is directly over the center of it. I guess it is called a cave because the opening is so small. The opening is only about 10' X 12'.

    If you are into rappeling, this is the cave for you. It is about 120' down to the bottom and a long way back up! I did not get to spend much time at the bottom before having to climb back out.  I do not know if there is any exits from the room down at the bottom. This was my first and only time rappeling. Going down was great, but the climb back out was tough since it is straight up the rope.

    If you do not rappel you may still find this place interesting. Such a deep hole with a small opening. Just drop a small rock in and time how long it takes before you hear it hit bottom. There are small fossils in the layer of rocks where the opening is located.

    If you decide to go here be sure you have plenty of gas and good tires. It wouldn't hurt to have a good topo map to follow. Follow the directions below and remember, when in doubt follow the best looking road.

highway turn off -- 36° 36.345' 111° 39.340'
right fork at    -- 36° 36.372' 111° 39.877'
left fork at     -- 36° 36.397' 111° 39.983'
left fork at     -- 36° 36.359' 111° 40.095'
right fork at    -- 36° 36.255' 111° 40.267'
right fork at    -- 36° 36.257' 111° 40.706'
left fork at     -- 36° 36.392' 111° 40.763'
left fork at     -- 36° 36.662' 111° 40.889'
left fork at     -- 36° 37.194' 111° 41.389'
left fork at     -- 36° 37.250' 111° 41.640'
cave             -- 36° 37.431' 111° 42.416'

rappeling cave
The road on the right is the one you will be using to get here.

rappelling cave, sinkhole
I'm 6'2" to give you an idea of the size of the opening.

rappeling cave, sinkhole
Arrow points to the opening. This is the parking area.

rappeling cave, sinkhole, fossils
Some fossils at the cave location.

rappeling cave,sinkhole,tablerock
A tablerock seen on the way to the cave.

rappeling cave, sinkhole
From DeLorme Topo North America 9. The route we took to get to the cave.

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