These are some of the places where we found nice mineral samples and crystals. Just click on a thumbnail picture to go to that mineral's page, where you will find directions on how to get there and GPSr coordinates. If it requires a 4X4 we will try and remember to include this information. All these places were open to the public at the time we visited them. There is no guarantee that they will still be open and this listing in no way gives any type of permission to trespass! Your safety is also your own responsibility, since we will not be there with you. It is up to you to know how to survive in the desert and be able to get home in one piece.

    Below are the thumbnails of some of the minerals we have found and taken pictures of so you may also enjoy some rockhounding. These were all found in southern Utah, northern Arizona, and southern Nevada. Be careful and have fun, if you choose to visit any of these sites.

EpidoteKaibab Fossils
Glass MineHematite
King mine - manganeseMagnetite
Pyrolusite Tourmalinated Quartz


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