Scenic Overlook

(in Page, AZ.)


N 36° 55.475' W 111° 28.670'

This river overlook is maintained by the NPS. To get to it you go down the hill past the golf course to the stop sign. Go straight at the stop sign and past the entrance to Denny's. There is a drive on the right that takes you to a parking area.

There are actually 2 trails here for you to enjoy. The first is the obvious one that has steps going down to the "Family" area. There is a wall to help keep the kids from falling over the edge. There is also a covered area with a place to sit and have lunch (you need to bring your own).

The second trail starts where the trash cans are in the parking area and goes towards the dam. This trail has small stones lining the edge of each side of it. There is no protection for kids or pets, so be sure to keep them under close control!




scenic overlook



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