And Caves

    These are just a few of the sinkholes we have been to. We plan on adding others as we get pictures and coordinates.

Please note, these can be very dangerous places if you are not careful! If you have kids and/or pets with you, you must be very watchful of them. One wrong step and they can die! Retrieving their body can be very tough and expensive.

    Sinkholes are found in limestone karst formations. They usually occur when water has formed a cavern and then the cavern collapses. A good indicator of the age of a sinkhole is the shape of the "bowl". A sink (Eagle Sink) with sheer walls is young compared to a sink (Stargate Sink) with a bowl shaped bottom. As a sink ages the walls erode away creating a bowl shape, the smoother the bowl sides the older the sink.

    We will try to remember to include the type of vehicle needed to comfortably get to these sinks.

    Just click on the thumbnail picture to go to the page to get the information for that sinkhole. Some of the sinkholes have no name listed on the topo maps we use, so we just named them WPT XX as in Waypoint number XX. We compared Google Earth and our topo maps to locate where these sinkholes are and tagged them with the WPT XX designations as we find them.

    As a side note - there are many stories about "Spanish Gold" hidden in this area. One of them tells of where it is hidden. It claims directions to the gold is hidden in the bottom of a sinkhole on the Kaibab Plateau. 

Bittersprings Cave
rappeling cave, sinkhole
Rappeling cave
5 mile mtn cave
5 Mile Mtn Cave

lava tube, cave
Lava Tube

point sublime cave

Point Sublime Cave
underground lake

Underground Lake
arrow sink

"Arrow Sink"
arrowhead sinkhole
Arrowhead Sink
citadel sinkhole
Citadel Sink
Crater Sink in northern Arizona
Billy sink

Billy Sink
Eagle Sink

Eagle Sink in southern Utah
his and hers sinkholes in Arizona

His & Hers sinkholes
Jolly Sink

Jolly Sink
lava tube, cave
Lava Tube
stargate sinkhole
"Stargate" Sink

wpt 13



WPT 18 Sink

wpt 20 sink

WPT 20 Sink

WPT 21 sink

WPT 21 Sink

wpt 23 sink

WPT 23 Sink

WPT 29 sink

WPT 29 Sink

wpt 30

WPT 30 Sink

sinkhole wpt51

WPT 51 Sink
wpt 52 sinkhole

Wpt 52 Sink

three lakes sink
Three Lakes Sink

sink 44
Wpt 44 Sink

sink 67
Wpt 67 Sink


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