Site status update

   This is to let our users know what to expect from our website in the future.
     We intend to keep the site going as long as possible. We may not add to it as often as in the past, but we will add to it when we have something we think is worth sharing. As we are getting older (we will both be 68 very soon) and hiking much less, we will not be finding as many enjoyable places to share with our readers.
    We still like getting out and taking pictures, so that is one of the things we can still add to the website. We haven't done much with landscape pictures, but that is something we might consider putting more effort into doing. We enjoy doing wildlife photography and flowers.
    We are thinking about another treasure hunt if we can decide on an interesting area to do the hide.
    We could do a blog and give our opinions on all kind of topics, like what we take along when we go out and about, or places we like visiting. We will consider doing the blog if we get bored or we get some positive feedback to do it.
    In the mean time please keep enjoying our website.


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