Skylight Arch

    A nice large parking area right across the highway from the skylight arch. There used to be 2 arches here, but 1 has collapsed. The collapsed one is on the side facing the highway. Walking south from the parking area, about 100 yards, will allow you to get a good view of the other arch from either side of the highway. We have been to the top of the arch, but be warned that you will need high-clearance and having a 4X4 will help smooth out the ride. You will need to hike a fair piece from where you can park (about 3/4 mile each way). Be sure to take plenty of water, the camera and extra batteries, and a good topo map (for finding the right roads), if you decide to see this arch from the top. We saw some fossils and minerals on top this mesa when we did the hike. The views are nice from up there. If you have kids or pets along for this hike, you must keep a close eye on them and keep them back from the edges! It is a long way down if you fall off the cliff. The coordinates for this arch are N37° 1.035' & W111° 36.023'

skyline arch
One fallen arch and one about to be an arch.

skyline arch, collapsed arch, pre-arch

collapsed arch
This one collapsed sometime in the last 20 years or so.

skyline arch



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