Stargate Sinkhole

    This one we named STARGATE sinkhole because we had created a geocache that ended here. The cache was based on the series Stargate SG1. We don't know if it has a proper name or not, since there is nothing on our topo maps indicating that it has a name. It is a large sink that is over a 1/10 of a mile across.

 We recommend that you visit Eagle Sink first, since you will be able to drive right by it on the way to this sinkhole. It is only a couple miles further southeast along the same road. You will need high clearance and 4-wheel drive will help smooth out the ride. You follow the directions for Eagle Sink and then continue south on the same road once you have enjoyed Eagle Sink. Several mile south you will come to a gate (N37° 01.538' & 112° 07.639'), be sure to leave the gate as you found it (if it is open then leave it open, if it is closed, then be sure to close it behind you when you pass through.). Just after going through the gate you will see a road going to the left (east) (N37°  01.531' & W112° 07.629').The coordinates for the spot we parked at are N37°01.551' & W112° 07.589'.

    This sink is very old compared to Eagle Sink. It is bowl shaped as opposed to sheer vertical walls. It is possible to climb down to the bottom of this sink if you pick your route and footing carefully.

stargate sink left
Left edge of the sinkhole.

stargate center
Center of the sinkhole

stargate right side
Right side of the sinkhole.

stargate, sinkhole
The tank at the parking area.

stargate, sinkhole
View after leaving Eagle Sink and on the way to Stargate Sink.

stargate, sinkhole
Another scenery picture.

stargate, sinkhole
After leaving Eagle Sink.

stargate, sinkhole
View of Mollie's Nipple (the brown peak) on the way back to the highway.

stargate, sinkhole
The highway and the road heading back to the sink holes.

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