Three Lakes Cabin

N36° 38.199' & W112° 13.216'

    Here is an historic cabin on the Kaibab Plateau. The front door is laying on the floor inside the cabin. If you enter the cabin beware of the low bridge! There is an area of storage above the "ceiling" as shown in 1 of our pictures. There is a nice rail fence around the cabin and the lake.
    To get there, head south from Jacob Lake on Highway 67. When you get to coordinates N36° 39.593' & W112° 11.388' head west. This will take you past wpt23 where you head south. With care, you could get there in a car.
    You might want to take a picnic lunch along with you as this is a nice quiet, peaceful, shady area.

3 lakes cabin

3 lakes cabin
Front of the cabin.

3 lakes cabin
Some old guy trying to get a good picture.

3 lakes cabin & loft
The storage area above the rafters.

3 lakes cabin
The side of the cabin.

rail fence
View of the rail fence and the 'lake'

3 lakes cabin
Some flowers at the back of the cabin.

3 lakes cabin
The view as we were leaving, looking at another of the three lakes.

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