Underground Lake

    This place is a bit hard to give directions for, so we will use a slightly different way of guiding you on this quest. We have been here several times and it gets easier to find with each additional visit. To get to this underground lake you head north out of Kanab, UT. When you get to the billboard for Best Friends (N37° 6.787' & W112° 33.285') go right. You go past Best Friends and the paved road ends. At N37° 8.720' & W112° 32.438' you turn right again on to road K2600. From this point on it is best to have a 4X4 and know how to use it (pay careful attention to the road condition). At N37° 8.524' & W112° 32.297' keep to the right. At N37° 8.308' &W112° 32.291' bear left and continue to N37° 8.339' & W112° 32.007' and park there. There are a couple of picnic tables if you had brought a lunch with you. From here look south and you will see a small path with a wide boulder slab crossing the path. This is where you head to get to the cave and lake. Don't do like we did and forget to bring the flashlight! Don't even think about going here if there is rain in the forecast or if it has recently rained.
    On to the pictures. The first is a picture of a squirrel sitting on a high rock outcrop. I think he may have been a sentinel keeping tabs on those who come and go to the underground lake.

The sentinel.

picnic tables
The tables.

to the lake
Path to the Lake.

cave entrance
Cave Entrance.

man in red
The man in red must be a mind reader to show up so often!

man in red
The man in red lost his head.

underground lake
The Lake.

underground lake

underground lake

underground lake

water level marker
Water level marker.

cave exit
Cave Exit.

way home
The Way Home!

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