WPT 29 Sink

    This is one you might want to have a topo map along with you, so you can follow the old roads. You turn off Hwy 67 at coordinates N 36° 24.070' & W 112° 07.772' and head west to coordinates N 36° 24.315' & W 112° 08.836' where you will turn left. You need to watch closely or you will drive right by this turn (we did, on our first try for this sink.). Pay attention to the roads so you can find your way back to civilization! We parked at N 36° 24.266' & W 112° 08.547'. This sink also has a drive going down into it.

wpt 29 sink

wpt 29 sink

wpt 29 sink
Hard to get good pictures with so many trees.

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