WPT 30 Sink

    This sinkhole is very old and quite large. It is at least 1/10 of a mile across and it is about 200 feet deep. There are trees growing all around and down into the sink. It was difficult to get pictures, due to all the trees.
    Where we parked there is a good place to camp (tent or RV) and there are some nice pieces of coral and quartz covered rocks laying around if you are into rocks, that is.
    We were there last Saturday, which was the start of Labor Day weekend and we did not see anyone else there at the sinkhole. There is a trailhead near there that had some visitors, but the sink was nice and quiet.
    To get there you head south from Jacob Lake towards the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. At cordinates N 36° 24.066' & W 112° 07.766' you head east and stay with the main road. Just past the trailhead parking look for a little side road going west. It is numbered 6450. The sink is located at N 36° 25.066' & W 112° 05.179'.

wpt 30, sinkhole, kaibab
Trying to look down in the sink.

Kaibab, sink

Kaibab, sink

Kaibab, sink

quartz covered, wpt30

coral, Kaibab sink
A nice piece of coral.

coral, Kaibab, sink

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