While on vacation recently we spotted some movement out in a pasture along a county road south of Seligman. I pulled over to the side of the road and grabbed the binoculars. I took a quick look at what was moving and thought it was a coyote at first, then decided it was way too big to be a coyote. I grabbed the camera and got out of the truck and I only had time to get 1 picture of the critter. It was almost a 1/4 mile away by the time I took this picture. The picture is good enough to see the face and tell that it is not a coyote. The first picture is the original picture taken at max zoom of the camera. The second picture is the cropped version making it easier to see the facial details.
    We did not know that there were wolves near Seligman until the next day when we saw on the news that Fish & Game and the ranchers were going to have a meeting to decide how to handle the situation if the wolves cross the Interstate and move to the north.

Wolf, Seligman, coyote
original picture

wolf Seligman
cropped picture


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