N 37° 08.015’ W 111° 51.649’

We discovered the remains of a Xiphactinus one afternoon while out looking for Sharks Teeth (back when it was legal to do so.). We didn’t know what we had found, only that it was the petrified bones of some critter. We notified the BLM ranger and he contacted the people from the Museum of Northern Arizona. They came up from Flagstaff, AZ. to the site and recovered all the bones that remained of this prehistoric fish and took them back to the museum for cleaning and study.

To get to this site, head towards Kanab, UT. Turn right on the Cottonwood Canyon Road (milemark 17 ¾ ). Go about 1 ½ miles and turn right onto another less used road. Go about 200 yard/meters and turn left onto a little used road that goes back to a water tank. Park near the second (bigger) water tank. The bones were found near the base of the butte at the given coordinates.

We recommend a high-clearance vehicle for this one. With a car you will need to park near the power line poles and walk about 1 ½ miles one way.


The small brown rocks are the pieces of the skull.


The bones were found at the base of this butte on the right side.


Picture of a Xiphactinus fossilized skeleton, found on the web.


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