Azurite -- OK mine




N38° 29.363' & W113° 7.664'

    For some very beautiful Azurite crystals, this is the place to go. They are so dark they look black until you get them into the sunlight and then they shine deep blue. The name of the mine is the "OK" mine.                 

    This mine has some very nice azurite crystal clusters that are a deep dark blue. They appear almost black unless in bright light. When viewed with a loop they are very well defined.

    They are found at the bottom of the open pit of the OK mine. There is an opening for a tunnel right where the crystals are found. DO NOT ENTER ! ! ! It appears to be very unstable. Looking in the opening you can see where the ceiling has dropped in the past. It would probably go again with very little effort. I could also see a tunnel that was partially filled from a cave-in ! ! There are plenty of pockets on the outside to work at with a heavy hammer and chisel.

    When trying to cut out a sample try to cut away from the sample at first. Then cut straight into the host rock, and finally cut under the sample. What sometimes appears as a small vug of about 1/4 inch can turn into a sample of several inches.

    This wall of azurite is in the lowest part of the open pit and towards the back of the pit. When you're as deep as you can go you should be able to see the opening to the underground workings. You should see mostly blue - black spot on the wall, but there is also some malachite green mixed in.





These two samples are over an inch each. The mine is shown on topo maps. From the junction of hwy 257 and hwy 21 go west approximately 3.3 miles and turn right (north). Go about 3/4 mile and take the left fork at the 'Y'. Stay on this road for 5 3/4 miles to the OK mine.


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