Brochantite is a beautiful rich green copper mineral. It has a fuzzy appearance to it. The specimens we found were not very large, with the best being about 1/2 inch in length. Almost all specimens found were in small pockets and cavities.
    What we found came from two mines in the Milford, UT. Area. The Skylark mine and the Cactus mine. There may be some at the OK mine. The cactus mine may be off-limits now. It appeared as though it was being prepared to reopen shortly. Maybe the dumps will still be available, I hope, I hope. The Cactus dumps have a good variety of minerals to look for. 
    To get to the Cactus mine head west out of Milford, UT. past the first ghost town on the right (Frisco) and head for the old Newhouse ghost town. As you're driving towards Newhouse you can see the Cactus dumps to the right near the base of the ridge. There are several large piles that are dark in color. Any high-clearance vehicle should be able to get there.    The Skylark Mine is listed on the same USGS 30 X 60 min. topo map as are the Cactus and Ok Mines.  The coordinates for the Skylark are 38° 32.022' N & 113° 07.085' W. and for the Cactus dumps they are 38° 29.063' N & 113° 18.823' W.

brochantite, Utah

brochantite, Utah


The pictured specimen is from the OK Mine near Milford, UT.

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