Cactus in Bloom 3 - Saguaro

    We recently celebrated our wedding anniversary. We decided to head to Payson, AZ for a few days. We stayed at the Mazatzal Casino and did a side trip Tucson. The casino surprised us by putting a notice about our anniversary on their big screen behind the check-in counter. Of course we had to get a picture of that sign. Along the way to Tucson (hwy 87) we saw many saguaro in bloom and got some interesting pictures, including a golden eagle, a gila woodpecker, and some bees. Here are some of the pictures we enjoy.

welcome sign
At the front desk.

golden eagle, Payson, AZ
Golden eagle.

golden eagle,Paayson,AZ
Long view of the golden eagle.

gila woodpecker,AZ
Gila woodpecker.

bee,AZ, saguaro

bee, AZ
Close-up of the above bee.

bee, AZ

bee, AZ66


blooms & buds
A lot of buds.

Every arm is full of flowers.

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