Choke Stones

 N 37° 10.308' W 111° 58.752'

The choke stones are about 1/2 mile up Sandy Wash in Five Mile Valley. This is a nice afternoon hike that is quite easy and chances are pretty good that you will see, fossils, pieces of jasper, petrified wood, and maybe even some small cavities that have crystals of calcite. This is now part of the Grand Staircase-Escalante Nat'l Mon., so no rock collecting is allowed.

To get there head north from Page, AZ towards Kanab, UT. At about mile marker 28 there is a drive to the west. This is right at the start of the north bound passing lane. The coordinates are N 37° 10.058' W 111° 58.327'. There were a few small trees to park by for shade in the summertime, but we noticed when we drove past recently that they are gone. Go through the gate leaving it as you found it, (if it was open, leave it open. If it was closed, please be sure to close it behind you.). Follow the drive over to the drywash and head upstream (to your right). Stay with the main streambed. When you get to the choke stones, there is a way up and around them on the left side. Once you have climbed up and looked over the boulders you will see where someone has tried to chisel out some fossils, but didn't make much progress.

This is a canyon hike, so take notice of the weather before heading out. If it is going to rain, then don't go. Getting caught in this canyon in a flash flood would not be a fun afternoon. In some parts of this canyon there is NO place to escape from a flash flood! After a recent rainstorm (usually within 24 hours) there may have been some quicksand pockets developed. They are usually small, only a couple of feet deep and only 5 or 6 feet across. Beware what looks like DRY mud, it might be wet and gooey beneath the surface!

If you happen to find the Geocache hidden back by the choke stones, please leave it where you found it. It is a game piece for an online game. For more information checkout

Be safe and have fun "exploring" this neat little canyon.


chokestones, fossils



Getting close 

chokestones, cave, fossils

The cave created by the choke stones.


chokestones, fossils, heart

Stone heart (about 15 pounds in weight).


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