Favorite Pictures

     We have taken over 30,000 pictures in our travels and wanderings, so we decided to choose some of those that we enjoy looking at. We will only put about a dozen pictures per page to help limit how long it might take for the page to download. Average picture size is about 250 KB - 1200px in width. As we find other pictures that standout for us, we will add more pages to this section. We will try and remember to tell you where the pictures were taken. Each page will be a mix of subjects with no particular pattern to it.

hole in the tree
Favorite Pictures 1

tower butte
Favorite Pictures 2

Favorite Pictures 3

favorite pictures 4
The snowflakes
Favorite Pictures 4

Mammoth tusk carvings at TI in Vegas
Favorite Pictures 5

ground squirrel
Favorite Pictures 6

black crown night heron
Favorite Pictures 7

deer, AZ, Kaibab, buck
Favorite Pictures 8

Updated 07/05/2018


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