Gunsight Point



N 36° 39.521' W 112° 37.023'

Head south on Hwy 89A out of Fredonia, AZ. And take FS22 (the old Ryan Road) for 12 miles. At the "T" you have to go right. There is a sign there that says "Gunsight Point 17". Head west until you see a sign for road #1048. Stay on '1048' until you reach Gunsight Point.

We need to mention several things at this point. First, if you're afraid of heights have someone with you for assistance! If you have your kids or pets along, keep them on a leash until you're sure they will be alright on their own! (Unless you wish to be free of them permanently, in which case be sure to show them the most exciting edges!) Just kidding folks!! Be sure to watch the little ones as there is nothing to keep them from the edges!

Any vehicle should be able to get you to this site in dry weather. Be sure to bring the camera and extra batteries & film. In summer, have plenty to drink with you.

When you get to the parking spot (where the tree is) you will be looking south into Kanab Creek Canyon towards the Grand Canyon. To your left is Snake Gulch. And to the right is Kanab Creek canyon.

There are a couple of trailheads that you probably saw the signs for on your way here. Those trails go down into Snake Gulch.


scenery, canyon

The parking area

scenery, canyon

Looking North into Kanab Creek.


confluence, canyons, scenery

Looking East into Snake Gulch (left) and Horseshoe Canyon (right).


Kanab Creek overlook

Looking south towards the Grand Canyon.

scenery, canyon

Looking down in at a ranch.

scenery, canyon

Close up of building.


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