Kaibab Fossils


N 36° 41.731' & W112° 15.210' 

    The Kaibab is huge and has plenty to offer even if you don't find any fossils. A good place to start is on the drive headed back in to Lamb Lake. Actually it is 3 tanks not a lake and there is a mine there. 
    Most of the fossils are in the Kaibab limestone layer. This is a light tan color stone. The gray colored nodules are sponges that have changed to chert. There are several different types of shells to be found in the area. You may also find some bright orange colored pieces of some type of coral. Though not a fossil you may find some banded agate that qualifies as a semi-precious gemstone.

    This site will help you get started just remember to watch the rocks at the side of the roads as you drive along. We found one spot where the fossils were right in the middle of the road. It was near Oquer canyon and Franks lake. Any time you stop and get out of your vehicle look at the rocks and there is a good chance of finding something.
    To get there head to Jacob's Lake Inn and go south 1/4 mile and hang a right. go about 2.7 miles and hang a left. The coordinates for the turn are N36° 42.072' & W112° 15.584'. From here you need a bit of clearance. Most older cars will have no trouble as long as you pay attention to where you aim your tires. Go several miles to an area that has several stock tanks on the left, all the while watching the loose rocks beside the drive. If you spot something colorful or interesting, stop and check it out. About fifty yards past the tanks is where the pits are. Pull off and park. If you work along the right side of the little meadow you will notice there are more tailings over the edge.
    Rumor has it that some gold was also processed with the copper. Not enough to keep the mine active though.





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