Kelly Grade

(underground fire)


N 37° 12.808' W 111° 27.113'

4X4 only recommended. If heights bother you have someone else do the driving! At one point you will be driving on a narrow road on the side of the cliff and there are no guardrails! DO NOT DRIVE PAST THE PARKING COORDINATES!! The ground may collapse under the weight of a vehicle.

From Page, AZ head to Big Water, UT. Turn east at the Warm Creek Store (opposite the entrance to the Grand Staircase visitor center). Go about 3/10 of a mile and turn right on to the Warm Creek Road. You will cross Wahweap Creek. Stay on this road. It will become a gravel road. Go straight at the road for Crosby Canyon. At the "Y" for Smokey Hollow Road take the right fork and head east. At the next "Y" stay left on Missing Canyon Road. Do Not turn right on to road #230 (Smokey Mountain Road). This "Y" is your last chance to abort and return to civilization. Once you start up Kelly Grade there is almost no place to turn around.

If you have access to Google Earth check out these coordinates -- 37° 11'48.97" N & 111° 27'07.88" W (in Google Earth format). These are some cracks in the earth that are near the underground fire area. Zoom in as much as possible to see just how many cracks there are.

Warning: Do not go if there is rain in the forecast or dark heavy clouds on the horizon. The road up Kelly grade turns to a nasty clay when it gets wet. It will become slicker than snot if it rains. Also Wahweap creek will become impassable if there is much rain to the north.

Kelly Grade, Mountain road

The way up Kelly Grade.


Heat vent, smoke hole

Smoke & Heat vent.


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