We have found some nice pyrite octahedrons on the Cactus Mine dumps and at the mine tailings. It is probably off limits at the mine now. The last time we were there it looked like they were going to reopen the mine. They had graded the road leading to the mine and put up "NO TRESPASSING" signs. The mine dumps were still available and worth the time and effort to check them out.
    The Cactus mine is west of Milford, Ut. And east of the ghost town of Newhouse.
    All that's left of Newhouse is a few walls and some foundations. It may be worth checking with a metal detector. From here look east and you can see the dumps for the Cactus mine.
    The turn off for Newhouse and the dumps is N38˚ 26.854' and W113˚ 20.176'. From here head north to the ghost town and then head east on the best looking road to N38˚ 29.076' and W113˚ 18.847'. This area was still open when we were last here.





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