N 37° 11.117' & W112° 05.730' 

    The King mine was a manganese mine but we also found turquoise and bornite there. Higher up the ridge behind the mine we found the bornite, dendrites, limb casts, fossils (marine) and arrowheads and flakes. There is also petrified wood and petrified dino dung in the area. If you're an antique collector there is an old wood burning cook stove in the area. Most of it is still there.
    The underground workings are very unstable. This can be seen in the opening of the mine. Look for the pieces of timbers in the broken rock, these WERE the supporting timbers for the entrance. The entrance has collapsed enough to almost cover them. If you look at the roof of the entrance you can also see cracks running all over the place. Definitely stay out!! Of course if you're there when the roof does collapse they won't have to bury you, just put up a plaque with your name on it.
    This mine is easy to find, just go to milepost 37 on hwy.89 and turn north. Go for about 3 1/4 miles where you will come to an "S" that goes to the left with tracks straight ahead and tracks to the right. Go through the "S" turn and make a right.  Go past the crossroad ( cross tracks?) and watch to the right for the dark gray dirt. This has the petrified wood and petrified dung (Jasper). Just ahead you should see a car door against a tree on the left, keep going. This drive takes you right to the mine. Follow these tracks as far as you dare then park and walk the rest of the way.
    There is a lot to find in the area so keep your eyes open and have fun. If you find the stone cairn with the original mine claim papers please leave them for the next person to see. Thank you.






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