N37°42.515' W113°14.475'

        We found this sample while looking for the magnetite around the iron mines west of Cedar City along Desert mounds road. The sample shows a quartz crystal that is encrusted with siderite. There are also larger crystals that are very well defined showing the crystal shape very well.




The above 2 pictures are from the iron mines near Cedar City.

The listed coordinates at the top of the page will get you close, just look for the tailings.



  N38°31.946'  W113°07.039'

        The above 2 pictures are samples from the Skylark mine NW of Milford, UT. The coordinates are for that mine. We highly recommend having 4-Wheel drive due to the soft sand we encountered.
        As always, be sure to obey any "No Trespassing" signs. Things may have changed since we were there, mines get re-opened, new owners, etc. Respect private property.


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